[scribus] Baseline Offset

amruginn-scribus at yahoo.com amruginn-scribus at yahoo.com
Wed May 15 01:08:15 UTC 2013


I've been searching the mailing list archives, and the interwebs, to identify a solution to my problem.

I'm creating a PDF document using Scripter, with the script being generated from a C++ program. I'm creating a lot of table'd data, and eventually will be putting borders around the cells.

With that in mind, I was using version 1.3.8 on a PCLinuxOS machine which was slower than the second machine I'm now trying to work on which is running Linux Mint (LMDE 2013.03) and 1.4.0 (I also grabbed 1.4.2.). The script works fine in both versions with the Linux Mint machine being faster, obviously.

My dilemma is that I was using baseline offset of -15% for my text boxes which gave a nice vertical centering of sorts. (I read the posts and wiki entry regarding vertical centering and realize that shouldn't be managed in a DTP.) As well, baseline offset is something I can define in a Scribus Template document's character styles, and then use that style in my Scripter script.

In the 1.3.8 version, the baseline offset works as desired, but when I move to 1.4.0 (and 1.4.2) the baseline offset needs to be a huge number to do anything, and then it goes beyond the size of the box. (Assume 8pt font, 10pt box, and baseline offset goes -60%, and the text doesn't show up.)

I notice that the First Line Offset (maximum ascent, font ascent, or line spacing) sort of works if I use font ascent, unfortunately, that isn't something I can set in Scripter nor a character style. Therefore, it's not a practical solution for me.

Is this a bug now, or was it a bug then, and not working as-designed? I'm also attempting to compile the recent (and eventually historical) source but I have some dependencies I haven't loaded, to see if I can either identify it, or add a solution for my needs.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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