[scribus] Did the Scribus team post an [LGM] report?

Manuel Schmalstieg webdev at ms-studio.net
Fri May 10 22:25:47 UTC 2013

Those one-liners are making me even more curious!

Actually, I don't know who is a long term coder and who isn't. But for
sure, a whole group of passionate Scribus contributors were there at LGM,
and spent time together, drinking, eating, discussing, enjoying the spring
weather ...

As far I can see, this happens every year at the LGM meeting, Scribus being
one of the core teams that was always present there since 2006 or 2007...
and Louis Desjardins, one of the core LGM organizers, is also part of the
Scribus project, right?

So, wouldn't that yearly meeting be the perfect occasion for a message
about where the project stands, what are the current important work areas,
and what's on the roadmap for the coming year? I'm sure the community would
love to be kept in the know :)

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