[scribus] Mac Render Frame Problem

Alvin Revzin the-editor at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 21 00:49:36 UTC 2013

Unlike previous versions, Scribus 1.4.2 works well on my Mac Mini with OSX-10.8.4 but if and only if Ghostscript and Scribus are in the Applications folder.
There is one major problem, though. If I try to insert a render frame into a document, I get an error message that says "The application "pdflatex --nonstopmode" failed to start. Please check the path:" and then nothing further.

This message makes no sense as there is no way to check the - unspecified - path. 
Also, IIRC, many years ago there was a "pdflatex" in the usual MacTeX distribution but it is nothing like it is in my current (2012) distribution (also in the Applications folder).

Is this soluble or is it JAMI (Just Another Mac Incompatibility?


Alvin Revzin Ph.D.
Former Neuroscience Person

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