[scribus] back on list and apology

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Fri Jun 7 11:22:19 UTC 2013

Dear all,

when I moved from the list-digest to the individual mails (hoping to
better communicate by separate mails), I overlooked the fact that mails
were no longer coming from the list address but from the individual
members addresses. So while I was out of the office my spam robot
accepted the first 20 mails and then ate some 35 postings.

I have now changed my address from scribus.mantis.mail_in at a-bc.net to
zm at revue-gugu.org, hoping that I can participate better from this
server, which is less fiercely protected.

Sadly - on May 25 - I had asked some questions under the subject "tone
marks - third round" and the answers got killed, if there were any. I
went online and looked for the archive for this list, but could not find
it. Pointers would be welcome please.

And just for sharing: We got a new intern here, from the US. She has
never worked on any Linux system ever. I gave her the blue Scribus book
(yes, on paper) and an installation CD-rom and she figured it out all on
her own yesterday (on her personal Windows 7 machine). Today she is
already at the office, working at one of the work stations on OpenSuse,
doing GIMP and Scribus.
	So a new user experience does depend to a significant part on your
attitude and open-mindedness and possibly how friendly you get
introduced to the new tools. Any bright young person can figure it out -
and enjoy it - if they got something interesting and real to process
(not just some boring exercises).



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