[scribus] PDF Export

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Sun Jan 20 22:37:54 UTC 2013

> I am having difficulty with printing and PDF export.  I am printing
> very
> large white text onto a black background with an overlaid image with
> blend
> mode "Luminosity".  When it exports, it has:
> 1) Very small fonts (instead of very large)
> 2) Black fonts (instead of white)
> 3) The background image looks like it might be blended right, but it
> is
> mostly obscured by a large dark-colored box, which I presume is the
> bounding box for the main text.
> The only warning I am getting if I do PDF 1.4 export is the DPI of my
> image.
> It works perfectly if I export as an image.  My current solution,
> which
> works, is to export to PNG and then convert to PDF.  However, I would
> prefer to have a vector version of the PDF, if possible.
> It works good if I export to SVG.  The image is not properly blended,
> but
> everything else looks good.
> I am brand new to Scribus, so I imagine I am doing something wrong,
> but am
> not sure.  Any help is appreciated.

In the Export->Save as PDF dialog, have you embedded the fonts?

Also, what Operating System?


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