[scribus] Handing over Scribus Files to another Person

Robin Dean (Google) robin.c.dean at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 14 15:08:19 UTC 2013


I have been happily editing our parish magazine for the last couple of 
years and been really happy using Scribus using the basic features.

I am about to hand over to a new editor and wish the handover to be as 
smooth as possible.

Assuming he downloads Scribus what else does he need to have in order to 
have all the formats (half a dozen page formats and 10 to 15 font 
formats) and my standard preferences.

The way in which I have been using Scribus is to strip out the old text 
from last months magazine - leaving in standard text and current adverts 
(which are mostly in png format) and then rebuild from this base this 
months magazine - I appreciate that any pictures need to be sitting in 
the place they were when I first selected them.

Besides the SLA file and the pictures - what else do I need to give him?

I generate an PDF-X3 file which I send to both the paper printer and our 

Kind regards

Robin Dean

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