[scribus] Problem copying and pasting from Word for Apple into Scribus 1.4.1

Robin Dean (Google) robin.c.dean at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 8 14:40:29 UTC 2013


I am helping a colleague to use Scribus to produce our parish magazine.

I have previously used Windows XP with Open Office - I have obtained the 
text, opened it in Open Office - highlighted the text and Ctrl-C and 
into Scribus Text Editor and Ctrl-V and the text comes across as 
unformatted text but with blank lines and paragraphs as in the original 


Using a desk top Apple with OS/X Lion and Word for Apple open document 
in Word for Apple - highlight the text and Copy text and into Scribus 
Text Editor and Paste and the text comes out all concatenated - no sign 
of the paragraphs or blank lines. Is this a Word setting or something I 
need to change in Scribus.

If I use Apple's Text Editor and do the same - this works the same as in 

Kind regards

Robin Dean

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