[scribus] main window persistently off-screen

Doug Steele doug at dougsteele.org
Fri Feb 8 03:10:07 UTC 2013

I have been running Scribus 1.4.1 on Windows-7 with an external 
monitor to the left of my laptop.  If the document screen is fully on 
the external monitor when I save the file, the next time I open the 
file is zooms off-screen, but to a virtual location where the monitor 
would be if it were mounted to the right of the laptop screen. The 
only way I found to get the document screen back to the main, laptop, 
screen is to use the Window-7 monitor setup control to reconfigure 
the external monitor's virtual location to be to the right of the 
main monitor. I can then bring the document back to the main monitor 
and re-set the virtual location of the external monitor to be to the 
left of the main monitor.  I try to remember to bring the document 
back to the main monitor before saving the file, but I forget to do 
it fairly often and then have to go through the procedure I described.

My suggestion is to change Scribus to always open the document on the 
main monitor as it does for other of its windows such as the layers 
and properties windows.


At 23:34 2/5/2013, violet wrote:
>Mac OSX10.5.8
>Scribus fresh install today 1.4.2
>The window with the document in it is offscreen. I am working on a 
>laptop, and I do not have an external monitor plugged in, nor have I 
>had one plugged in since installing Scribus. When I use mac's 
>"expose" option, I can see the scribus document window, but when I 
>click on it, nothing happens. If I try to "open" my document, 
>scribus tells me it is already open and that window will be 
>displayed now, but it stays off-screen. Also the document is NOT 
>listed at the bottom of the Window menu.
>I have rebooted, restarted the application, installed a fresh version.
>I have also used Mac's "display" settings, changing the resolution 
>in hope that the windows would reorganize, to no avail. I have also 
>used the "zoom" option in finder, to no avail.
>I have not had this problem with any other application.
>Thank you very much for your assistance,
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