[scribus] main window persistently off-screen

violet violet at viand.net
Wed Feb 6 04:34:27 UTC 2013


Mac OSX10.5.8
Scribus fresh install today 1.4.2

The window with the document in it is offscreen. I am working on a 
laptop, and I do not have an external monitor plugged in, nor have I had 
one plugged in since installing Scribus. When I use mac's "expose" 
option, I can see the scribus document window, but when I click on it, 
nothing happens. If I try to "open" my document, scribus tells me it is 
already open and that window will be displayed now, but it stays 
off-screen. Also the document is NOT listed at the bottom of the Window 

I have rebooted, restarted the application, installed a fresh version.

I have also used Mac's "display" settings, changing the resolution in 
hope that the windows would reorganize, to no avail. I have also used 
the "zoom" option in finder, to no avail.

I have not had this problem with any other application.

Thank you very much for your assistance,


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