[scribus] python problem - and Signal # 11

Török Árpád torar at freemail.hu
Fri Dec 20 14:39:19 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I anytime open Scribus 1.5svn an error welcomes saying something like
this (translated back from Hungarian):

"Unsuccesfully tried to set up a python add-in. Details are printed into

Could not find platform independent libraries <prefix>
Could not find platform dependent libraries <exec_prefix>
Consider setting $PYTHONHOME to <prefix>[:<exec_prefix>]
'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
Failed to set default encoding to utf-8."

Notwithstanding the error message, I haven't see or met any problem,
while working with the programme, until today.

Now, I am putting together a longer document, which is partly prepared
on-fly, but a great number of previously made sla-s are also imported.
Suddenly, when I tried to import an 11 pages sla, it crashed. Anytime I
tried, I ended up with the same result.

Do you have any idea, help, or advice?

Árpád Török

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