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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon Dec 9 09:09:13 UTC 2013

Dear Peter,

thank you for insisting on the umask issue. I appreciate your
willingness to help - and I might need your help:

I checked this morning:


I am user "martin", my group is "users"

All my trainees are also in group "users", so nothing fancy there.

My present umask is "0022", so I believe that any file that I create (or
Scribus running under my login) should receive rights like this:


Now I created a fresh test folder for output, throw my explorer and it
automatically received


which I believe is very good.

Then I took some Scribus document and had it collected-for-output (with
fonts and with compression) into this fresh, empty folder. Result:

The scribus file .sla.gz  received


which would work fine for our team-workflow.

But, all the other files (.png and .ttf) did receive


which is exactly the problem, why I opened this thread.

So I double-checked: Where did get Scribus get these photos and those fonts:

They were all readily assembled in the previous output-folder. And there
I had manually fixed the rights for all files to


so I believe there is not a problem of "inheriting too limited rights".

Somehow in the process of collecting-for-output either Scribus or the OS
or some other agent (who?) is assigning two different levels of rights.
And one of those feels like a bug or an unhelpful feature.

Peter, if you could help me further please, to localize, where exactly
those rights are assigned (almost against what my user-umask prescribes)
then I might be able to fix it - and get my whole team into a smooth

If you need further details from my system, I am available.

For all: I am in Africa, remember. So please do not be upset, if I
cannot respond right-away to new posts or questions. Sometimes it is the
internet or power, mostly I am overcharged this December (because we
need to launch this magazine but also prepare a launch of an online
dictionary and several public meetings and the calendar for 2014...).
But I hope to be in the office all week from Mon to Fri(Sat).

thanks again,

still hoping,


On 06.12.2013 07:08, Peter Nermander wrote:
>> Is there a way please, to configure Scribus such, that during collection
>> for output the file properties are set more liberally?
> The permissions set when a file is created is generally controlled by
> the users umask, and the owner and group is controlled by the users
> main/default group.
> http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/understanding-linux-unix-umask-value-usage.html
> You can change the group files are created with in a few ways, for
> example by using setgid on the directory.
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1321168/bash-scripting-how-to-set-the-group-that-new-files-will-be-created-with
> (The links are a few random googled pages, there might be other ways too.)
> /Peter
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