[scribus] collecting for output

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Thu Dec 5 17:02:50 UTC 2013

Dear list,

a few weeks ago I had written, hoping for a brilliant idea or tool for
creating scribus-documents as a team. Nothing much came up for a workflow.

So for the time being, we use that fact that disc-space has become cheap:

We are working on OpenSuse 12.3 and we are using the official Scribus
which comes with that distro, namely Scribus 1.4.2

Each user is working in his own /home folder and we keep all our work in
a folder called "pour_la_sortie" which is French for "collected_for_output".

Now the idea is that we keep a paper-list on the wall next to the main
layout computer (two full HD screens), of who was the last user to work
on the magazine.

Then the next user will log in and just copy the entire folder into his
/home folder to continue working on those pages, where he or she is in

BUT: My wife just discovered that she cannot do that. Scribus had done a
nice and complete collecting-for-output. But somehow the user-rights got
assigned such that only scribus-files are accessible.

But all fonts and all illustrations are blocked for "group" and
"others", not even reading is allowed (and reading is all the next user
would need to copy the complete folder with content). This is something
that Scribus must have done during the collecting-for-output of the
previous user, since that user had started with a blank document I believe.

Is there a way please, to configure Scribus such, that during collection
for output the file properties are set more liberally?

I bet some geek on this list will propose to "just write a script" so
that all stuff in those folders will be make read-enabled for all users.
	It is just that we are linguists and I got a group of young African
trainees. And we are handing this folder around between several users.
So if you cannot do this within Scribus, please propose a script that
will "travel" with that folder and which each user can/should trigger
(preferably something that can be clicked in the explorer) before he
will log out. I believe that only root or the owner can change ownership
of files. And I bet, that many of my guys will forget to open the
ownership before they log out...

We have just set-up this new computer with the latest OpenSuse and we
are overdue to print our next magazine. So all help is most welcome,
even if it is a workaround. And even if I need to learn scripting...
(guess, who is root).



PS: I just love Scribus on two huge screens, one upright for the actual
page, and one aside for keeping all those menus open at all times!!!

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