[scribus] Scribus ported to Qt5 -- Please test

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Sat Apr 20 21:32:40 UTC 2013

On 20/04/13 11:17 PM, Jeffrey Merrow wrote:
> Sorry all, as I must apologize for not understanding the entire process.
> I had recently submitted a bug report:
>  0011493: No Barcodes generated in QT5 Port (Revision 18250)
> This morning I received a notification, and learned that 'resolved' is the new status of this issue.
> Excitedly I refreshed my svn (now updated to 18263) and began the rebuild.. nothing has changed.
> I deleted my build directory, and install directory, and again rebuilt.  Same bug.
> I cleared out and rebuilt using QT4 and the feature again functions as intended.
> I can find not information about what files have been affected in the process of resolving the issue.  Or is this a case where the delevelopers were able to make the it function as designed on their systems, and so I have a problem elsewhere, maybe my installation of QT5?   I don't want to re-open the item simply due to my ignorance.
> How can I find out what 'resolved' the issue from the bug tracker maintainer's perspective.

Doesnt work for me, I've set it back to assigned.

You can see the change here:
http://scribus.net/websvn/comp.php?repname=Scribus&compare[]=%2F at 18256&compare[]=%2F at 18257


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