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> Hi All
> On 19/04/13 09:44, JLuc wrote:
>> as for me I dont understand the question :
>> what do you mean with "lock a style to a frame" ?
>>  What I'm asking JLuc is - Can you "lock" a Paragraph Style to a Frame,
> (ie all bold let's say), then whenever you type inside the Frame, or Cut 'n
> Paste to the Frame the text will automatically take on that style?
> Hope that makes it clear.
> IanW


By definition,  a paragraph style relates to a specific, selected
paragraph, or paragraphs, rather than to a frame.  So, with a paragraph
style applied to a paragraph, any typing in that paragraph is subject to
the applied style.

However, typing in the frame outside that particular paragraph is not
influenced by the style applied to another paragraph.  Of course, you know
all this.

I am unaware of any way to link a paragraph style to a frame.  Further,
while I can see that might have some possibilities for use, I have had few,
if any, situations where I think that would solve any work flow issue for
me.  To make such a feature would likely mean renaming it to a frame style
instead of a paragraph style, since the scope of influence would no longer
pertain to just a paragraph, but more globally to a frame.

There is one possibly that may help you.  One can do a Ctrl-a to select all
text in a frame and apply a single paragraph style to the selected text.

Little help from me, I know, but I think I understand your request.

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