[scribus] reading pub and idd files

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Apr 15 13:40:23 UTC 2013

hi jluc,

> Le 13/04/2013 11:51, ale rimoldi a écrit :
>> [snip]think about reverse engineering the indesign file format.
>> [snip] it's a lot of work
> > [snip]
> As for now, scribus 1.5 reads IDML files,
> but this import is far from being perfect yet,
> so there is some testing and debuging to be done here.
> By chance, this is probably a more easy area.
> Remember : i'm sure it's better to debug existing features
> rather than creating new features and new bugs ;
> or as one might said : "better one correct feature thant too bugged ones"
> so i'd personnaly rather favour debuging IDML import...

on the one side, i fully agree with you!

on the other side, i still think that being able to just open the files 
of the -- almost monopolistic -- main actor in the DTP area, would be a 
big plus for scribus.

not because there are no other ways to get the content (as an example 
through IDML), but because we tend to look like a jerk every time we 
have to ask for a different formats than what the majority is willing to 
and having a very skilled and experienced team helping us doing it is a 
wonderful plus!

all in all: i agree with you, a flawlessly working IDML import is also 
in my eyes the first priority. but i believe that being able to open 
indesign files is a very welcome enhancement.

and to be clear: my call is addressed to people who do not yet contribute.

there is no programming and design skills needed! you only have to have 
access to a recent copy of indesign, have time at disposal and much 

the programmers and designers in the scribus community are only 
requested at the end of the process.
just like franz recently did for the publisher importer,  will have to 
create the bindings to the conversion library... and then test the 
importer with real files!

have a nice afternoon

p.s.: and don't forget the other part of my mail: if you have publisher 
files, please test the new importer in trunk! :-)

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