[scribus] Scripter: slow createCharStyle() and createParagraphStyle()

Stefano Danzi s.danzi at hawai.it
Thu Apr 11 14:23:36 UTC 2013


On 3 differents PC with windows XP SP3 32bit and scribus 1.4.2 the 
script has same issue (1h to complete).
One of there has dual boot and Ubuntu 12.10 64bit. Using the amd64 build 
of scribus 1.4.3svn same script take 2 seconds to complete.

Il 10/04/2013 14.35, Stefano Danzi ha scritto:
> Ciao Ale,
> on my pc the script has the same result on scribus 1.4.1 and 1.4.2
> I have to tray it in a different PC but I can't inderstand waht could 
> be...
> I did a monitor of scribus using ProcMon utility but I didn't see file 
> or registry or file access during
> the script execution. The only activity is Thread start and stop for 
> each call to scribus API.
> Il 10/04/2013 14.24, ale rimoldi ha scritto:
>> ciao stefano,
>> i've run the script and i didn't experience any noticeable delay...
>> what could it be?
>> ciao
>> a.l.e

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