[scribus] Hyphenate Text

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Tue Sep 25 13:07:04 UTC 2012

Language detection is somewhat broken in 1.4.x. It will be partially fixed in 1.4.x and completely fixed in 1.5.0.


On 25/09/2012, at 12:45, JLuc <jluc at no-log.org> wrote:

> Le 25/09/2012 02:31, Erich Dollansky a écrit :
>>> I just tried hyphenation in the latest svn of 1.4.2 and it failed.
>>> Hyphenation and dehyphenation worked in 1.5.0
>> so, the future looks good again.
>>> So maybe there is a bug. This was on Fedora 17. I will try it on some
>>> other distros later
>> It seems so. It is most unlikely that you created the same setup as me
>> on Fedora to get the same problem. It must be something very basic.
> Can you please create a report on http://bugs.scribus.net
> so the developpers get to know about it ?
> JLuc
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