[scribus] Upgrade of Windows' version

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Sep 18 12:38:09 UTC 2012

>>> As been mentioned you can usually keep several versions installed in
>>> parallel, BUT, when you uninstall an old version of Scribus all file
>>> associations and such will unfortunately be removed.
>> is there a bug report for this?
> I'm not sure it's a bug, I think it's rather a limitation on how
> installers work on Windows?

i guess that most installer won't allow multiple copies of the same 

... imo, if we want to allow installing multiple copies of scribus in 
parallel, our installer should handle this correctly.

allowing a second copy to be installed on top of the first one, but 
removing the shared files when one of the copies gets deleted is imo not 

considering the current status of the things, i don't think that it 
would be a bad idea to tweak the installer so that it makes sure that 
the older versions are cleaned up before installing the new version... 
and asking the people who want several copies in parallel to install the 
other copies through the portable packages.


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