[scribus] Scribus export PDF/X-1a 2001 -> direct to LSI (perfect)

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Sun Sep 2 07:07:09 UTC 2012

> I know what you mean about the naked skin - and I'm glad we don't have any
> ratings to worry about in these modern times :-)

One must not underestimate powerful religious and secular groups that deny (for very different reasons) the mammal nature of human beings. But this really doesn't belong here.

> Hyphenation in the text frames? The text frames are all linked and I set
> up
> hyphenation originally. Did I lose something when I combined the chapters
> into
> a single file without realising it, perhaps? Sighs deeply... Can you give
> me an
> example to chase up?

Just look at the image you uploaded to the wiki ;)

> Colour profiles -> SuSe and other distros, I finally noticed that, *after*
> I'd
> posted...
> Fixing the dark PDF/X-1a display via the monitor is a good hint to have, I
> should fix the description.

Colour management is not about PDF/X-1a or any other PDF version. It's about emulating the colours provided by the output device, no matter if it's a TV or an offset-print.

It's complicated and a bit hard to grasp, but at the end of the steep learning curve, you'll be awarded with great results.


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