[scribus] Requesting a Feature

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun Oct 28 14:05:37 UTC 2012

On 10/28/2012 05:27 AM, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi ian,
>> Anders Källström and myself have been discussing, off-list, my post
>> about "white space" around photos and graphics.
>> He is in agreement with me that this would be a very nice feature to
>> have and mentions that he used a program some time back called
>> 'PageStream' and there you could do this and it was very useful.
>> I think an addition to the 'Shape' tab under 'Properties' would be
>> great
>> - exactly as 'Rounded Corners' works to give you the "white space"
>> between the text and the graphic.
(see below)
>> Is there a "place", List or proper method to get this type of request
>> to the Devs??
>> (or maybe someone could forward it??)
> sadly, this is a well known issue:
> http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=9754
> http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=10409
> http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=8275
> ... we are waiting for the new properties palette...
I think it's important to think generically about the idea and consider 
what would be the most convenient way to implement. I would think that 
there might be a setting in Preferences > Tools where you might specify 
a displaced contour line a certain amount larger than the frame border. 
You also have to think about implementing this for more than just image 
frames, but also text and render frames (maybe even tables).

I don't know that it really makes sense to have the default for a 
contour line to be the same as the frame border. If you want to flow 
around the contour line, don't you want it to be different from the border?

(from above)
There actually is a place that works fairly easily, but it's a bit buried:

make/select an image (or other) frame
go to Shape > Edit...
select Edit Contour Line
in roughly the middle of the dialog there are buttons to enlarge (or 
shrink) the contour line by an adjustable amount or percentage.
then, of course, after you End Editing, go back and choose text flow 
around contour line.

this is saved in the Action History. It would be convenient to be able 
to apply that action to another frame (another way of making it 


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