[scribus] Scribus on windows 8?

magna at bookstash.com magna at bookstash.com
Thu Oct 25 14:44:32 UTC 2012

 Good to hear about Windows 8 compatability.  Microsoft usually insists 
 on forcing retaillers selling new computers with Windows installed to 
 offer the latest version, so most off-the-shelf computer sales will 
 include Windows 8 from now on, including the upcoming Christmas shopping 

 For the continued growth of Scribus, how can it be made clear to new 
 potential users that Scribus WILL work with 8?  Who writes the 
 blurb/instructions on the Sourceforge download page and on the Scribus 

 It seems to me that the sooner those sites get updated about Windows 8 
 compatability, the sooner the next generation of computer users will be 
 willing to try Scribus.

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