[scribus] Export to HTML

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Oct 22 11:40:50 UTC 2012


>> yep, it can be used to export html.
>> it's in the epub branch of the scribus 1.5 git repository.
>> it's not ready for production yet, but does most of the work already.
>> i hope that i will soon be able to finish it.
>> there is not much left to do.
> So this is a tool to export a Scribus page layout as an HTML
> page ?

no, and it's not planned to extend it in that direction.

the plugin is exporting to the HTML format so that you can further use 
the content you have prepared in an epub editor or on a website.

it won't even try to replicate the layout of the frames as you made it 
in scribus.

what it will do (and mostly already does):
- it will keep all the meaningful text formattings (style names, bold, 
italics, sub and superscripts, ...).
- it will try to guess the order of the text and image frames (by going 
from top left to bottom right.
- it will resize images according to the target characteristics and to 
the proportions of the image in the page margins.

in the case of the epub exporter it will pack everything in a well 
formatted epub file which you will then be able to further edit with 
sigil (as an example by exchanging the css file with one that you have 
already prepared for your publications).

programming the html exporter won't start before the epub exporter is 

scribus is not a website creator and the changes and the programming 
effort to make it become one are probably huge.
not to mention that those feature will make the work experience more 
complicated for everyone else.


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