[scribus] Export to HTML

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Fri Oct 19 09:06:33 UTC 2012

> Hi,
> we need to convert scribus docs to some format that can be used in owr
> website without losing format osfcharacters. Does anyone have a
> solution?

I do not think there are any sla to html converters.

My suggestion would be to export your Scribus document as a pdf, most
browsers now readily read pdf. That way you can ensure your fonts are
correctly rendered

If it is a simple one page document, export to a png or svg might also
be an option.

Scribus deals with hundredths of a point, html just works in points
afaict.  Also some fonts available for Scribus may not be available
for the web.

So even if there were a converter, the result, would at best be a


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