[scribus] How can I get a double underline in Scribus.

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 18 07:26:43 UTC 2012


> a.l.e, I seem to have offended you, I am sorry.

no, wena you have not offended me personally.

it's hard to communicate over the internet, most of us are not
comfortable with the english language, and DTP is not an easy field to
work on.

there are lot of knowledge to acquire in order to produce good printed
scribus somehow allows a more democratic access to the tools needed to
achieve the result, but there are very few resources teaching how to
improve and learn to use those tools.
it takes time and one mostly needs help from the people around her.
the problem is that most of the time there is nobody around to escort
you in your learning process and most of the people don't really want
to consecrate much time in learning the new tools and skills.

how to improve this?

there are many sites doing contests with a topic, where people can
share their work and learn together new skills...

would something like this make sense for scribus?
- i tend to see the average scribus user as way too busy to participate
  in such activities and
- the topics for such contest may be too difficult too find (it's easier
  to "draw santa with inkscape"... or do a "obama - romney gimped
  together" contest...)

does anybody have any briliant idea, how we could help our users to
better learn about DTP?


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