[scribus] Can't get fonts to change in upgrade to .4.1

Carma Winfrey-Hayes carmawinfreyhayes at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 20:11:56 UTC 2012

Hope someone can help this urgent request as my newsletter is a couple
of weeks overdue. In the newest version I upgraded to they completely
changed how you change fonts. I tried highlighting the copy I needed
to change fonts on went to edit, found styles in a whole new place,
which brought up the style manager. I then change the font style to
Times Roman and the size to 7 pt. and hit apply. Below on the screen
there was a "Done" button with arrows to the left which I hit which
brought me back to the screen that listed line, paragraph, character,
etc. and has 4 buttons, New, Import, clone, delete. Since none of
these seemed to fit and I had already hit apply in the previous screen
I decided to simply close that screen but the font remained the same
so that is obviously not the right choice so please tell me how to fix
this.  I use 3 different type sizes of Times new Roman to make my

Thank you,

carmawinfreyhayes at gmail.com

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