[scribus] screen color profile

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Mon Oct 15 13:05:39 UTC 2012


i have just printed nicely a scribus made color magazine
... and i wish to improve my color management skills.

To begin with i try to improve the screen rendering's faithfullness.
my screen is "AOC F22s+"
In Ubuntu color profile management setup screen, it says
it is "not calibrated".
Profile choosen is "F22" and it says it is "not specified".
When I look for detailed properties, it says white is 5000°K,
profile file is edid-11d76bec6103710d0a34a9d9c7241b9d.icc ,
weight is 1.3ko (which looks small for a color profile ?) ,
and colorspace is RVB

Problem : In scribus color management setup, there is no F22 profile appearing
in the available select options.

In the system CM setup, do "not calibrated" and "not specified" means
- that there is - at the time- no profile at all for my screen ?
the edid-11d76bec6103710d0a34a9d9c7241b9d.icc is just some dummy default created icc
- that the profile exists but has not been updated for this specific screen,
only the F22 standard profile is used ?

If i manage to find that edid-11d76bec6103710d0a34a9d9c7241b9d.icc on the disk,
should i copy'n'paste it to somewere else so as to make it appear in scribus menus ?


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