[scribus] Printing Doesn't Produce What's In The Scribus Window

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Mon Oct 15 07:54:04 UTC 2012

Þann sun 14.okt 2012 16:23, skrifaði Kenneth Bures:
> This is my first attempt at using Scribus. I've layed out
> a document that has text and an eps image on the
> left-hand half of a letter-size page in landscape mode
> (eventually I'll put something on the right-hand side
> too, but this is my first try). When I print it, two
> things happen: first, the printed image is 1/2 the size
> indicated by the Scribus rulers. The printer prints in
> portrait mode, printing on the bottom 1/2 of the page. Of
> course, since my artwork occupied only the left-hand 1/2
> of the letter-sized landscape paper, this printed image
> occupies only the left 1/2 of the bottom 1/2 of the
> portrait-printed paper. So my image is 1/2 the size I
> really want. The second issue is that it prints "Draft"
> across the middle of the bottom 1/2 of the
> portrait-printed paper.
> I want the artwork to be printed full-size in landscape
> mode, and I don't want "Draft" there. I can't find
> anything in the documentation about setting up the
> printer to print in landscape, or anything about removing
> "Draft". Can you help?
> Ken Bures

Are you trying to print directly from Scribus ?
If so, try printing the document to a PDF-file, preview that 
one thoroughly in AcrobatReader or some other PDF-viewer, 
before printing.
Generally you have much more control over printing in 
AcrobatReader & friends than in Scribus itself.

Best regards,
Sveinn í Felli

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