[scribus] Shifting page objects by script

Jean-Luc Waber jeanlucwaber at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 04:43:50 UTC 2012

Hi John

> I may be misunderstanding the problem you have, but my method is create a
> left master page and a right master page for my magazine.  One could name
> them even master page and odd master page to be a bit more clear, I
> suppose.  I do not have any differing vertical elements on my pages that I
> want the master pages to define.  Having only the footer defined on my
> master pages makes the process simple.
> When I do the magazine layout, I simply apply either master page to the
> series of pages in my 64 page magazine.  When adding a new page in the
> middle of the series, I simply apply either master page so the footer will
> show on the new page.  It does not matter which master page I apply, in my
> case, since I only employ a horizontal footer on the master pages.
> After I have all the page layout done, I use the apply master page menu
> option and apply the right master page (could be the odd master page) to
> all odd pages.  Then I  apply the left master page (or even master page if
> you prefer) to the left pages.  This is one of the last things I do before
> sending the file off to the printer.
> I use a footer on the right or odd pages that is numbered and is differs
> from the footer I use on the left or even pages.  Since the footer is part
> of my master page layout, it gets applied to each page properly by Scribus
> and the pages are numbered for me automatically.  Then the only things I
> have to do manually is re-number the table of contents and re-number the
> advertisers index based on the now perfect page numbers.  I also continue
> articles to another frame for layout purposes, so I have to edit my
> "Continued on page ?" lines placed at the jump points if the issue has them.
> Sometimes, I do use the normal master page but not in a printer ready
> file.  It contains a dummy footer to be used as a place holder so my page
> layout will not cover the footer area as I compose each page.
> If it will help, I'll be happy to supply the file I start with in
> developing a new issue.  However, I have an issue due at the printer in 12
> days, so that might take a back seat, as I generally used the last issue
> and delete the dated stuff before entering the new content.  But the start
> up file was my first attempt at a beginning point.  I soon learned it was
> more trouble than it was worth and began using the process I just
> described.  But the start up file does demonstrate the master page scheme.
> John Ghormley  KJ4UFG
> Editor, SERA *Repeater Journal*
> Walkertown, NC  USA
> editor at sera.org

If I understand you correctly, your left and right pages have the same 
left and right margins. But if you prepare a book you will need a bigger 
margin in the center to allow for binding and this shifts all the frames 
to the left on left pages and to the right on right pages. By inserting 
a page, even by applying left and right master pages, all frames on the 
following pages stay where they were before.

Now Greg's script is very cool and solves the problem now, but for 
future versions of scribus i would like what a.l.e proposed, that is 
being able to add this margins after finishing the document, before 
producing the PDF.


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