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Gabriel Grosso ggrosso.dg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 13:57:03 UTC 2012

Hi all. I'm a 27 years old graphic design student based in Argentina, at 
the University of Art and Design of Oberá, state of Misiones. I use 
GNU/Linux from redhat 4.8 (i guess the first attempt to bring gnu to the 
masses) and now my main OS is Archlinux. I work entirely with open 
source software Gimp, Inkscape, Blender, Scribus. Well, enough of 
introductions and go to the point. I need to do some sketches for a 
project i'm about to make, and i'm wondering if there's a way of "print" 
the guides and the "no printing objects" to a PDF file (maybe to print 
it in a greaseproof paper). I do some research and came to this script 
developed by a user called a.l.e. 

Now in Scribus, importing it and executing throws me an error:

Traceback (most recent call last):

   File "", line 8, in

   File "/home/gabo/guides.py", line 30

     scribus.setFillColor('Black', rectangle) scribus.setLineColor('Blue',


SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I want to know if somebody has used it before or has another turnaround to work with printed guides.
Well, thanks in advance and sorry about my English.

Gabriel Grosso
Oberá, Misiones

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