[scribus] Shifting page objects by script

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Oct 12 04:47:53 UTC 2012

hi greg!

> Here is a wiki page with a script for shifting all page objects,
> which you might need to do when you insert a page in the middle of a
> Double Sided layout.
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Shifting_All_Page_Objects
> There are of course various mods one can make to accomplish other
> goals. As written, the script only shifts the objects right or left,
> not up or down.

well done!

i still think that this feature is worth to be integrated into the main
scribus GUI and that it would be a wonderful first patch for somebody
who wants to start contributing to scribus!

- create a simple .ui file
- go and find where the master pages gets applied (might be multiple
- check if the two MP have different margins and if there are items on
  the page; if it's the case start the dialog
- if the user choses to move the items, go through all the items on
  the pages and change their Y coordinate by the difference between
  the old and the new margins.

if somebody wants to give a try i can mentor him/her

have a wonederful day

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