[scribus] How can I get a double underline in Scribus

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 11 21:51:44 UTC 2012

hi wena

> Thank you Ciao, You say  “in this case: by drawing two lines...”
> That is not so simple as you make out. I have been at it for hours 
> attempting to get the two lines parallel.
> Then getting them to the width of the text is another problem. If
> there was a way of keeping the lines parallel while adjusting the
> width to that of the text then it would be simpler.
> Then centralizing the lines and text. The text is easy but the lines 
> have no centralizing system, as far as I know in Scribus.
> The way I have been attempting is the lines in one layer and the text 
> in another layer.
> I am not very happy at it.

first: ciao means "hi" and "good bye" in italian. in many languages
it's used for goodbye. as you can see in the "from address field" of
most of my mails, i am called "ale", and it's the short form for
"alessandro". an italian name. i like to put some dots around the "l"
for aesthetic and social critic reasons.

second: there are several ways to create two parallel straight lines
in scribus. some of them are even quite easy.

there are also rather simple ways to center some text on top of some

seeing the efforts me and other people are putting in explaining you
lot of basics scribus skills, and seeing that you're still not
happy with it, instead of spending lot of words in trying to get you to
click the right button, i prefer to suggest you to buy a good scribus
book and first learn some basics.
i like the one written by cédric gemy for packt publishing.
as an alternative, please consider attending a scribus course.

have a nice evening

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