[scribus] Question about page properties

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Oct 11 13:12:31 UTC 2012

On 10/11/2012 03:46 AM, Ian Whitfield wrote:
> Hi All
> A question to do with page properties ...
> I have a 50 page Journal that I produce every month. I use the "Rolling
> Template" style of doing this, ie I take the last issue, delete all the
> photos and text, re-date it and re-number it (on the Master pages) and
> start to populate it with the new material. This way I retain any
> changes I have made to the layout as I go along.
> Most months, as sections change in size, I have to add and delete pages.
> My question is - how can I, (or is it possible to make Scribus),
> re-order the Left and Right layout of the pages correctly when you do
> this? If I add a page it sets the new page correctly _but_ all
> subsequent pages are now incorrect. Likewise if I delete a page all
> subsequent pages are incorrect and one needs to go through the whole
> rest of the document correcting this and, worse still, re-aligning text
> frames, graphics etc.
> So to paraphrase If I have a 5 page document it would be -
> Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.
> If I now _ADD_ a new page in the second position I get -
> Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right.
> Instead of -
> Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.
> I seem to think that one time I was experimenting with a different
> layout and got this to work correctly but I could be wrong!! If I have
> done something wrong in my current layout or Materpages I have no idea
> what it is and would be pleased to know.

This sounds like a job for a script. Aside from assigning a different
Master Page, AFAIK you should just be shifting the page's contents left
or right.

A script would first make a list of all objects on the page, then one by
one shift the X-Pos left or right according to user choice by a
specified amount.

If there is some other layout issue, there is the "Unflip" script on the
wiki, which probably still works:


since sometimes the layout needs to be different depending on whether
the page is Right or Left.


PS: I'll try playing around a bit later today. I think this should be a
very simple script to write.

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