[scribus] Question about page properties

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Thu Oct 11 10:34:25 UTC 2012

>> Most months, as sections change in size, I have to add and delete
>> pages. My question is - how can I, (or is it possible to make
>> Scribus), re-order the Left and Right layout of the pages correctly
>> when you do this?
> i wonder if somebody comes up with hints, how scribus could better
> manage such cases !

I had exactly the same issue... yesterday, when arranging articles
to fit together to build the magazine.
Masterpages can be applied afterward to rearrange left and right static frames,
but the problem is with editable frames.
Its very easy with scribus to change from 'begining left' to 'begining right'
and it is quite easy to realign frame and images when required after the change,
but its very easy to forget one, too, and it would be nicer to have it done by scribus
when possible !

Here is an idea on how scribus could manage this :

1- imagine each frame can be qualified with a 'class' name.

2- imagine there is a kind of new layer in masterpages, dedicated to editable elements.
   this layer might be named 'masterlayout'.

3- imagine the frames in each masterlayout can have a class
   and each class can only occure max one time in a masterlayout.

How it would work then :

4- When creating a page with a masterpage, Scribus automatically creates
on top of it all of the editable frames specified on its masterlayout.
These frames all have the same class names as they have in the masterlayout.

5- When applying a new masterpage to a page, scribus does its usual job
performing the static elements.
It then looks for each named class and rearrange it according to the
masterlayout corresponding frame : if the masterlayout include a frame
with such a classname, it applies its position and size to the frame
in the page.
Frames with no name or whose name dont appear in the masterlayout
are not changed.

User options are :

6- lock frame size and positions of (out of masterlayout) created frames
   when applying masterpage ?

7- dont overwrite frame size or position when applying masterlayout,
   in case these have been allready changed by the user ?

See what i mean ?


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