[scribus] Master Pages for New Users and the Wiki

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Thu Oct 11 08:15:53 UTC 2012

Le 10/10/2012 20:12, Barry McKenna a écrit :
> However -- and I think this is the key issue in the logic/usability of this feature -- the "Edit Master Pages" dialog
> now contains the Imported Master Page, the new document reflects the changes. The only option now is to click the
> Windows dialog's 'X' icon button. When doing so, the new document reverts to its original state, losing the Imported
> Master Page's properties.

This has been improved in the future coming 1.5 version.

> This is not how Windows users are accustomed to using dialogs which change some properties: After importing properties
> or changing some properties, there should be, according to Windows conventions, and "OK" button which when clicked
> applies the imported or changed properties. However, in this case/design another step is required, which is not
> intuititive.

Scribus is a cross platform application, using QT as a abstract interface to deal with various platforms with the same 
code. As a consequences, there are lots of area where the behavious is not as used. Scribus team sometime can improve 
which part of QT it uses, so as to better fit expectations, sometime not.

> 7. Page > Apply Master Page > "Apply Master Page" dialog appears listing in the drop-down edit box the current (Normal)
> Master Page. In order to apply the desired Master Page -- which has been imported but no longer shows as applied in the
> document because it has reverted to Normal when the  "Edit Master Pages" dialog's 'X' button (the only option at that
> point) is clicked -- the drop-down edit box then needs to be opened and the desired Imported Master Page applied.

I got the feeling that you dont understand how masterpage work.
Masterpages are NOT the text you wand to publish. Masterpages are tools to build your document. they will never be 
published as such. They are on your work table, ready to be used, as colors : ready to be applyed on some page.

You say a masterpage "has been imported but no longer shows as applied" : that is because importing masterpages just 
increases your masterpage set, but dont apply them ! IT HAS NEVER BEEN APPLIED.

To use masterpages you have to apply them to an existing document. IN the way you describe, or using the Manage Page window.
For each page of the document, choose which masterpage should apply and then it applies.

> I suggest that the following page is missing -- at least for a Windows user -- some key information:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Working_with_Master_Pages
This is a wiki. I suggest that you experiment more and use masterpages
and understand perfectly what masterpages are all about
and then you can edit the page and make it better
for all scribus user's sake.


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