[scribus] Master Pages vs. Templates?

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Wed Oct 10 02:29:04 UTC 2012


What I'm trying to understand is the issue where, as you write, "When 
you apply a master page..."

As I understand it, a Master page has to be created. Nowhere does it 
say, that I can find, that Master pages are particular for a specific 
document. Yet, this is what seems to happen: I can create a Master page 
based upon some page formatting, for instance, but when I open another 
document and try to "apply" that Master page to another document, even 
though I've created it, it doesn't appear in the list of Master Pages. 
Only when I open the other document, does the Master Page I created 

So, what I'm trying to find out is this how Master Pages are supposed to 
function: Are they are specific for each separate document, or am I 
experiencing some kind of Windows version bug?


On 10/9/2012 7:03 PM, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Tue, 09 Oct 2012 17:46:13 -0700
> Barry McKenna <bmcken at pobox.com> dijo:
>> The differences between a Template and a Master Page?
> Think of a template as a whole document that you need to repeat
> periodically, but with new content. I have long felt that templates are
> really unnecessary. A long time ago I wrote a newsletter that had many
> items that were the same from issue to issue. As I started each new
> issue I just opened the previous issue, saved under a new filename,
> deleted the changeable content, and proceeded to add the new content. I
> could have used a template, but it would have ended up being the same.
> A master page creates a background for document page(s) in a given file.
> When you apply a master page to a document page all the elements on the
> master page automatically appear on the document page. Master pages are
> handy for sections, chapters, and other material where you want items
> on a series of pages, but not on all pages in the file. I often use
> master pages for chapters, where I want to change the text on the
> header for each chapter.
> I don't know if that helped.
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