[scribus] Creating multi- page magazine

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sat Oct 6 22:00:26 UTC 2012

On Sat, 6 Oct 2012 16:45:20 +0200
Peter Nermander <peter at nermander.se> dijo:

>> It seems to me that the efforts would be better spent on improving
>> the Open/LibreOffice import filters. Why reinvent the wheel?

>I would like the filters to import the text keeping the styles by
>name, but not adding styles to Scribus but using available styles. And
>a setting to either discard styles not already present or import them.
>I guess the same option would be useful also for direct formatting.

I am not suggesting that we slavishly follow InDesign, but it might be
useful to review how it works there. I used InDesign for years and
found the style imports very easy to use and capable of everything I

First, InDesign can import styles only from Word documents. I used
OpenOffice, so if I wanted to use the advanced import options I had to
save a copy in Word format. However, the default action worked even
when copying and pasting from OOo, so the Word document was rarely

The default action is to import all text styles (paragraph and
character) retaining the same name as in the word processor document,
except that InDesign would append a * so the user could tell that the
style was not created in InDesign. However, if a style with exactly the
same name already existed in the InDesign document, then the import
filter would automatically map to the existing InDesign style, and
without appending a *.

On the import text dialog box there were options to map styles to
existing InDesign styles if the user wished. The names of the styles
were unimportant; you could, for example, map "Normal" to "Body Text"
if you wanted.

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