[scribus] Creating multi- page magazine

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Sat Oct 6 14:45:20 UTC 2012

> It seems to me that the efforts would be better spent on improving the
> Open/LibreOffice import filters. Why reinvent the wheel?

That is something that is needed too. I haven't used the filters in a
while though, so I am not sure it they still are as "bad" as the used
to be.

I would like the filters to import the text keeping the styles by
name, but not adding styles to Scribus but using available styles. And
a setting to either discard styles not already present or import them.
I guess the same option would be useful also for direct formatting.

Something in the line of setting up rules:

Office style____________ In Scribus
Standard______________Map to Body text
Heading 1_____________Map to Main heading

other styles: Map to Scribus style with same name (discard if no style
has same name)

direct formatting: Bold____Map to Enhanced
direct formatting: other____discard


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