[scribus] Disappearing fonts

Dismore Marilyn marsupialmouse1 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 12 15:33:40 UTC 2012

Although all the fonts listed when you open the document, go to File-preferences and click on Fonts - Available fonts have the Use Fonts column checked, only a fraction of them now appear when I open a new text box within the document and select properties within that. This happened about a week ago now and I have not been able since then to get at the font (Calibri) I had been using in the same document for several weeks previously.  In the Path to Font File column it is listed as C:Windows\Fonts\calibri.ttf, and I can't find that with a search of my laptop. But neither can I find it when I search the backup run prior to the disappearance of the fonts.
I tried adding the path Idid find on my laptop, winsxs amd64_microsoft-windows-font-truetype-calibri_31bf3856sd36... (it goes on for a bit), but that didn't work.
Any more suggestions,please? I'm getting desperate as I have to finish the document.

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>Dismore Marilyn wrote:
>>  It's not until you look at text
>> properties in the latest text box that I've set up (and any others that I now
>> try to) that it suddenly has a much truncated list of fonts. 
>When your document is open, go to File -Preferences and click on Fonts -
>Available Fonts. The second column is Use Font.  Is the font you want to use
>checked in the Use Font column?
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