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Dismore Marilyn marsupialmouse1 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 11 17:54:22 UTC 2012

Have discovered it's still there in Windows, but the path is different. Tried adding it as an addition path in Scribus but it didn't work. The thing is, it's listed in Scribus if you look at preferences with no document open, and again if you open a document and look in document setup, and in all the text boxes I'd already set up over the weeks.. It's not until you look at text properties in the latest text box that I've set up (and any others that I now try to) that it suddenly has a much truncated list of fonts.
I searched my laptop backups and cana't find the files I've previously been using.
Can't understand it.

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>> Hi -
>> When I opened a new text box on the document I've been working on for
>> weeks and selected properties, the font I have been using, Calibri,
>> was no longer available. If I select file > document setup > fonts,
>> it is still listed as being available. The pages I've already set up
>> are still in calibri, but the new text box defaults to AR BERKELEY,
>> and when I scroll down the list to reset it, calibri is not there.
>> What has happened, and how can I get it back? Mouse. --------------
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>Calibri is a font that comes with MSWindows. May be it got
>deleted in an upgrade, maybe it got moved somewhere. Try
>searching for it from a command line. It may be downloadable from
>the Internet. 
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