[scribus] help with scribus printing error

Iara iaragrohl at yahoo.com.br
Mon Nov 5 22:36:55 UTC 2012


I'm a scribus newbie and would be grateful if someone here could help me with an error when printing pages. I am not sure if this is a scribus bug or if I'm doing something the wrong way.

The short description is this:

When printing some pages of my journal the bottom right section of the page is cut, even though the top right margin encounters no problem printing. I've already tried to move the text block further left but the problem persists. Moreover, prior to printing, scribus prints one warning message that says: "Text excess", but it links this error with another block of text which is not affected when printing.

I do not know how to debug or proceed from here. Also, I am not familiar with the english terms associated with this program and I don't get any results when searching google.

Thank you,
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