[scribus] Light text on dark background (overprinting or knockout)

john Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Fri Nov 2 18:47:11 UTC 2012

On Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:47:20 +0100
Clemens John <clemens-john at gmx.de> wrote:

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> Hi,
> I need some help with the overprinting and knockout functions.
> I made a flyer that has orange headlines on a black background. To be
> able to print it in the print shop I enabled the color management
> system, used a color profile and created all colors in the cmyk color
> space.
> Then I exported the flyer to PDF X-3 and checked the lookout in Adobe
> Acrobat reader. The Problem was, that I couldn´t see the orange text.
> I could only see the black background of the orange headline.
> I played around a little bit and found out, that everything works, if
> I change the overprinting option of the text box to knockout.
> Because knockout seems not to be the default option for text boxes,
> I´m insecured a little bit. Is knocking out the text the right option
> for printing light text on dark background?
> Shouldn´t it be possible to overprint the black background with other
> colors? I´m not a professional so I don´t know how this really works
> in the printer afterwards but I read something about artefacts in some
> situations with one of these options.

I always put print in a separate layer from the background. that
works for me without difficulty. 

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