[scribus] who pays for font fees ?

Rob Oakes LyX-Devel at oak-tree.us
Thu May 31 16:19:45 UTC 2012

On 5/31/2012 9:49 AM, JLuc wrote:
> The layout company i'm working with for a book project insists on
> using a licenced font.
> The price for such a font is 200 to 300 $ or €.
> In such a case, who has to pay for the font fees ?
> The layout company who uses the font and embeds it in the PDF ?
> Or the editor who publishes the book ?
In cases where the use of a font is demanded by a particular party, it
is usually the group that insists on it which pays for it. This is
especially true if it wasn't discussed as part of the project before
work began and merely "appeared" in the final deliverable.

I've run into this problem when working with design students or interns.
Before you can release a deliverable to the client, it's essential to
know that you have permission for every outside asset.

I'm not sure what existing agreements are in place, but if the font
wasn't discussed as part of the initial design, and just appeared in the
layout, it seems as though one of two things should happen:

 1. The layout company should redo the work, using another font without
    licensing restrictions.
 2. The layout company should pay for the fees.

Just my two cents, though.
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