[scribus] PDF Colour separations

Flem flemblog at free.fr
Wed May 23 19:01:38 UTC 2012

Le 23/05/2012 20:24, Frank Cox a écrit :
> On Wed, 23 May 2012 19:18:30 +0200
> Flem wrote:
>> What kind of RIP are you using?
> I do the whole thing (imposition and RIP) with ghostscript, pdftk, psnup and
> ps2pdf, plus a little driver program that I wrote to count pages and do the
> donkey work.

RIP equals Raster Image Processing, aka converting the whole 
document and outlined stuff into 1bit pixellised files, one 
for each plate.

With the software you're talking about, you're just making 
an imposed PDF, aren't you?

Which software is then converting your PDF into a raster 
image and then engraves the plates?

>> Apart from that, have you tried to outline all these poor
>> fonts? Maybe GhostScript wouldn't blow up then?
> I was just discussing that option with the folks who lay out the paper.  They
> said that while it's something that they could do if they really have to, it
> really slows Scribus down.
> Since the only colour is on the front page, I'm thinking about a scheme to do
> the plate layout in two pieces, the front page and everything else.  Then I just
> have to attach the front page to the back page on a plate layout at the end of
> the process.

It would definitely be the right way to proceed.

Did you notice there is an option in the export to PDF 
dialog allowing you to outline fonts on the fly so you won't 
slow Scribus down except during the export process...


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