[scribus] GiveLife color system license?

Harry hgg9140 at seanet.com
Tue May 15 00:44:54 UTC 2012

I build OSS packages from source, in a corporate context that requires 
OSI-compliant licenses down to silicon...for software.     I regularly 
build scribus.

When I saw scribus now uses givelife, I went looking for its 
licenses...and couldn't find any.     Backtracking, I think I see this 

a) The givelife code is closed
b) The givelife team uses givelife code to generate specific colors 
(palette of swatches) which are then made available under a Creative 
Commons license.

Is this right?

Where is the Creative Commons license for the palette of swatches?

Does using givelife impact the right of scribus users to invent their 
own colors - even if they happen to be identically the same?

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