[scribus] Making holes in an image

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon May 14 11:56:06 UTC 2012

hi johan,
> "a.l.e"<ale.comp_06 at xox.ch>  writes:
>> yep: create the base shapes, "combine" them using item>  path tools>
>> path operations, convert the resulting shape to an image frame, load
>> the image...
> Yes, but this relies on an image being loaded in the shapes. Although
> theoretically I could fill the shape with a piece of the background,
> in the actual document it is hard to find the exact piece. And a slight
> displacement of the image will require updating, and so on.
no, just follow the instructions above to create a shape with a hole in 

with path operations you can create a [ 0 ] shape and then convert it to 
an image field...
in the hole you will see the background.

sorry, right now i have no time for more details  than the ascii art 
above :-(


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