[scribus] Incorporating special characters

Behrens, Lars (PHI) lars.behrens at kit.edu
Thu Jun 28 07:04:39 UTC 2012

Midori Toraha schrieb:
> I need to incorporate a special character:[ ☩ ] Greek Cross [number:
> ☩]into my current project.When I copy it into my "edit text"
> box, the character shows up properly in my editing box, but when I
> update the actual page, of course, it fails to display and only
> leaves behind an empty box shape.I try to find a way to upload it to
> my "insert glyph"/"enhanced character palette", but I'm not having
> any luck.I'm able to find the Scribus Wiki advising people to use
> HTML encoding for special characters, which tells me that it's
> possible-- any advice?(fwiw, I'm still running 1.3.6; is this
> something that would be fixed by updating to 1.4.1?) I appreciate

Are you sure that the font you are using includes the sign? A quick test
here did work with DeJaVu but not with Arial.


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