[scribus] Table cell styling of borders

Aleksander Kujbida akujbida at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 14:56:59 UTC 2012

To have lines for a table cell at top and bottom only, I successfully
double-click into the cell, then the 'top left right bottom' checkboxes
appear in the Line tab of Properties, and I select the lines I want.

My table has two columns and fourteen rows, and I have several such tables,
will be painful to it do this way.

To apply en masse, I tried ungroup the table and immediately regroup, but
then the checkboxes won't appear.

I also tried to create a table from text boxes by grouping, but there seems
to be some 'magic' missing that makes a group of boxes into a table,
because the checkboxes won't appear.

I considered using just text boxes and manually stacking them into a table,
but these do not have options for applying lines to top and bottom only.

Any suggestions for mass application of top and bottom to all cells of a
table? Is this a script candidate?


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