[scribus] manual updates on color editing

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Jun 22 00:27:23 UTC 2012

Following a.l.e's suggestions and review of the color editing parts of 
the manual, I have done some major surgery.

Some highlights:

I created a new heading in the menu, Editing Colors, which contains the 
page I added yesterday. The heading page was created with some new and 
some borrowed/stolen material.
I have rearranged the content of the Adding and Editing Colors page 
(more or less) as per a.l.e's suggestions. This also required some 
Color Wheel has been moved to Editing Colors -- so far I have not edited 
it but plan to improve its physical structure and polish the content a bit.
The heading Solid Colors has been renamed Color Palettes.
Color Palettes contains Managing Colors renamed as Managing Color Sets, 
and all the info about various palettes included with Scribus.

I also removed some redundancies in some articles, and eliminated a 
little bit entirely.

This has been committed to the 1.4.2svn branch.
Owen: it's only in the 1.4.2svn branch. It will probably make its way to 
1.5.0svn, but I need to check for accuracy first.

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