[scribus] I chose "Threefold brochure" but the resulting document doesn't have three of anything.

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Jun 21 06:18:47 UTC 2012

> But the resulting New document doesn't look anything like a 3-fold
> brochure. It looks just like a regular page.

Scribus can be a bit confusing on this point. Scribus ALWAYS work with
"single pages", the layout options like 3-fold only tell how the pages
are shown together on the screen. It's a display option, not a layout
option. If you add another five pages and zoom out so you see several
pages you will see how it works.

For most uses you should probably just create a 2-page landscape
document and use guides to make it 3-fold. Because if you make a 6
page 3-fold document you will have to impose the pages for print.


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