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 I suggest a free program for the layout of the printed editions.

 Automation system of modeling AM is a system of automation of 
 editorial-publishing activity.

 System AM implements the following functions:

 1) the automated creation, editing and deleting the layout of the 
 publication and its elements (columns, articles, inserts, illustrations, 
 etc.) in view of their geometrical dimensions, relationships and 
 properties (font, number of columns, etc.) as well as templates of these 

 2) calculation of the necessary for the placement of text and 
 illustrations of materials of space on the page publications and 
 information the user of its excess or lack;

 3) typing and editing text material, with account of a dedicated place 
 for him on the strip;

 4) export layout in publishing system;

 5) print layout and some of its materials.

 The ideology of system of automation of prototyping of "AM" is rather 
 simple. Users have possibilities to create models or templates of 
 models, in each of which it is possible to place some set of elements of 
 the model (materials, objects, etc.). In the course of a session the 
 user has possibility to keep reached results which can be again loaded 
 further (are open) in AM system.

 Choice of models (templates of models) for editing and other main 
 operations are carried out in system by means of the main menu, the 
 control panel.

 The AM system has the graphic interface, standard for Windows 

 Java technology, on the basis of which the system has been developed, 
 is a multi-platform and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

 URL: http://amj.com.ua/eng/

 With best regards,
 Klymenko Konstantin

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